Mavam Espresso Machines


The Mavam range of espresso and coffee brewing equipment was developed with usability in mind for both the barista and technician. Designed by a long time service tech together with the team at Mavam who collectively have more than 30 years experience servicing and engineering espresso and coffee brewing equipment.

The original goals were to build a machine that was temperature stable, easy to service and most importantly, allowed for baristas all over the world to prepare espresso consistently.

Since then we’ve found other uses for the patent pending Heated Transfer System used in both our Under Counter Espresso Machine. Using this same technology we created the cupping gun, to bring temperature stable water to the cupping table.

Using a global network of suppliers, Mavam espresso machines are designed and assembled in Seattle WA, USA for a global market. Our Team is passionate about our Industry and excited to innovate, create and share our knowledge of bar workflow and how we apply our equipment design into workflow layouts to cater to your needs.

Our name, Mavam (mah-vahm) is derived from the word Maven. A Maven is defined as a person who is experienced or knowledgeable in their given trade and shares the knowledge. At Mavam we feel that our products represent the sharing our our experience and knowledge. We hope you can tell that we are an independent manufacturer doing things just a little differently.

“世界中のバリスタが求めるエスプレッソを、安定して抽出できるマシン” として製作された「Mavam Espresso Machines (マヴァームエスプレッソマシン)」。

私たちMavamのエスプレッソマシンは、アメリカやイタリアなど世界中の厳選したサプライヤーからパーツを取り寄せ、アメリカはシアトルにて1台ずつハンドメイドで組み立てていることからも分かるように、私たちはコーヒー業界に情熱をもって携わっており、これらのワークフローに関する知識を “革新・創造・共有” することに喜びを感じております。

また、私たちの名前である「Mavam ( =mah-vahm)」は、「Maven」という言葉に由来し、「Maven」とは、”与えられた業界で経験や知識を持ち、それらを共有する人” と定義され、その名の通り私たちはエスプレッソマシンを通じて、私たちにしかできないことを表現し、より多くの方に伝えてくことを大切にしているブランドです。

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